Wine Bottle Combination Lock-Wine Stopper
Wine Bottle Combination Lock-Wine Stopper
Wine Bottle Combination Lock-Wine Stopper

Wine Bottle Combination Lock-Wine Stopper

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This Wine Bottle Lock is a simple yet effective way to keep your wine safe from being tampered with. Just set the combination to a 3 digit code of your choice and lock it onto the top of your wine bottle. The lock fits most wine bottles. Fits some beer and spirits bottles as well. Please see the size chart image to ensure proper fitment before ordering.

This Wine Bottle Combination Lock Secure your wine at a home restaurant or other places keeps your alcohol safe and untouchable from your kids. A Must for Parents, Stop worrying about children and teens getting into the liquor cabinet while you are away. 3-Digit Combination Lock. Only you can set the code on this amazing safety gadget and your bottles are secure.

The Lock-Wine stopper will secure the bottle but also prevents evaporation through its tight seal. Comes as a set of 3 Locks, Fits most bottles. Makes a useful gift. Password Setting is quite simple with these 3 steps. Step Press and maneuver the silver switch inside of the lock. Adjust the number on top ( initial password: 000) to a new password you want to set. Maneuver switch back to original position and setup is complete.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use & Environmentally friendly.
  • Protect your favorite tipple with this solid bottle lock.
  • A robust and beautifully-engineered drinking accessory.
  • Cool and useful gadget, a good gift for your friends.
  • This wine code lock can lock the mouth of the wine bottle for sealing the bottle and keeping the wine in the bottle fresh.
  • Great for preventing children, teenagers, or flatmates from drinking your booze
  • Lock in a three-digit combination and keep your bottle's contents safe and secure.